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Sonic Shorts Volume 6

2008-09-01 22:42:01 by Grumio

Will you fanboy fagots shut the fuck up?

Honestly, if TheWax PM'd me with "Hey Grumio, I understand the joke but could you change the name so I could put up vol. 6 with the right name?" I'd respond with "Sure thing dude, just screwing with the most annoying part of the NG population." in a snap.

Plus it's not like volume 6 is coming out soon anyway. You don't realize how retarded you sound with your broken grammar and spelling.

Oh, and durgz is a joke too, idiots. You're proving my theory that druggies are just as retarded as fanboys.

Also: AIDS.


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2008-09-01 22:51:03

The second theory is quite groundbreaking


2008-09-02 23:02:31

Next time include the words "Hentai hot fuck lesbian naruto anime" if you want a good score.

Grumio responds:

Too true :(.


2008-09-04 15:15:51


Grumio responds:



2008-09-04 20:53:29

Your not a fucking newground admin or moderator,so why don't you stfu about newgrounds problems and just go on with your life?Also: AIDS?wtf are you talking about,your message makes no sense at all.

Grumio responds:

I'm sure 99.99 percent of America isn't the president, so why don't the shut up about Americas problems?

And this post makes more sense then all the crap you keep sending me.


2008-10-15 08:08:00

Yeah! Your right! We need to startt making poeple use proper gramer!
And to stop people getting AIDS on Newgrounds.


2010-07-10 09:53:46

Sonic Shorts Volume 6 is out!