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I Love You Guys.

2008-10-06 22:05:28 by Grumio

No matter how many times my latest turd attempt says "FUCK YOU" and other insulting whatnot, I still love all you guys.

(And by "you guys", I mean everyone who can take a joke.)

Oh, and I've got another actual movie brewing.

I Love You Guys.


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2008-10-06 22:18:56

Sometimes I feel the same.
And then I see the BBS and I want to strap on some dynamite and blow up the NG servers.

Grumio responds:



2008-10-06 22:21:42

I like your banner

Grumio responds:



2008-10-06 22:27:40

Everyone who can take a joke, eh? That's not too many.

Grumio responds:

I know :(.


2008-10-07 01:18:15

Holy shit man, you have a good chance of getting turd.

Grumio responds:

Here's hopin'.


2008-10-07 01:50:34

Why I did not even know YOU CARE. It's mutual, F.U.2!!! I'll surely vote accordingly in your next submittal (is that even a word?)

Grumio responds:

Lol wut.


2008-10-07 12:28:31

whoo! Can't wait!

Also I'll vote zero on your turd attempt cause its the best of the turd attempts

Grumio responds:



2008-10-07 16:45:19

Man I just had to tell you I was watching you latest submission and my speakers were up alittle to high. It blew out my fucking Speakers. I can't tell weither to be mad at you or myself . I guess myself for not turning them down. it was funny.
Nice banner.

Grumio responds:

Are you serious?

Shit dude, in all seriousness I apologize. Were they moderately cheap?


2008-10-07 21:49:34

You love me? :D


Grumio responds:



2008-10-07 22:34:15

hey babe

Grumio responds:

Hey mannn.


2008-10-08 00:05:51


Congrats my friend!

Grumio responds:

Thanks, my friend.


2008-10-08 09:03:02

lol you had to cheat to win turd, congrats on be fat and ugly for the rest of your pathetic life...oops hope I didn't make you cry

Grumio responds:

Except for the fact that I an one tall, skinny, hansom motherfucker.


2008-10-08 09:15:15

cheat nuthin

he did it without being part of a flash crew I'd like to see you fucking manage that

Grumio responds:

Yeah! What he said!


2008-10-08 11:28:27

"cheat nuthin"

There were flashes that were in the .70s that got voted up

"he did it without being part of a flash crew I'd like to see you fucking manage that"

Are you a fucking retard? Any loser can submit a shitty flash then change the name to something like "XXX HOT SEXY HENTAI" and get turd. The thing is why would some want to? Are you that much of a loser with no life that you have to aim for a joke award that no one cares about?

Grumio responds:

Really? Someone loves me then.

Anyone can come onto a website and bitch to people about people, but why would you want to?

You don't represent the NG population in likes/dislikes.


2008-10-08 13:37:24

u dont know how big of a fucking asshole u are, do die, u douchebag!

Grumio responds:

I'll do die right now.


2008-10-08 16:22:50

i know what your up to


2008-10-08 20:17:18

Good-NOT-Luck man, How many awards are you wanting? Enough to make someone's head pop? Like that pic too.


2008-10-09 03:34:31

yeah they were bumped up

by competeing flash crews that wanted the award for themselves

he had nothing to do with that


2008-10-09 03:35:24

and the reason people want the turd award is the same reason why people want front page

Grumio responds:

It's fun and you get to troll people for a week. :3


2008-10-09 15:55:30

There was no flash in .70's, but high .80's; but yeah, I'm pretty sure at least two peopel were upvoting shit, as one of them who I know, upvoted your other turd attempt and some other shit with low score. Other one upvoted the first one's shit and prolly mine "attempt" which wasn't that much of an attempt, but I wanted to win it nonetheless, as I liked the fact the guy who made Power Star series reviewed 10 on Power Star 5 of mine. Would be a pretty cool turd, but yeh, was .97 at it's best, and before system was choosing turd it was already in 1.15's so I stood no chance.

Somehow due to your flash being still in recent 50 possibly noone noticed it. There's some shitty saying that where two are fighting it's the third one who wins and it proved to be true.

Grumio responds:

I never realized winning turd was such a battle, lol.


2008-10-09 23:51:34

I think I love you.


2008-10-10 12:49:51

Congradulations Grumio maybe you can Return the favour someday ;D


2008-10-11 00:57:49

Rename it to Super Mario Brothers Z Ep. 9


2008-10-11 12:18:18



2008-10-11 21:12:28

at the last second I upvoted everything with low scores and downvoted this

so I like to think that I played a part though most of the stuff I upvoted was already 1.05 at the time


2008-10-13 15:02:25

By "movie" are you talking about pieces of bullshit?


2008-10-13 16:18:02

SMBZ ep 9. Funny, but sad!


2008-10-14 17:19:04

Your picture in this blog is Pure Win.


2008-10-14 18:49:40

I think thatb smbz 9 was the best yet


2008-10-15 07:58:07

Tell me why you say you love the people of Newgrounds when you have come up with complete crap like super mario bros z ep 9, now alvin is going to have to name it something else like putting a dot in front of it.
I can take a good joke but this makes me think less of you.
"No Respect" the sound board of Conker and your very own style of drawing made it completely unique, so create something that people can feel good after seeing it.

Grumio responds:

Don't worry, if Alvin asked me to change the name I would without question.


2008-10-20 18:18:08

good to see your still submitting I was worried after a week of no submissions and no responses

Grumio responds:

Lol, sorry man, I've been all caught up in collage submissions and stuff.


2008-11-05 15:58:01

There are jokes and there are jokes, man. Some are funny, some are not. Some people just hate mean jokes, like me.

Grumio responds:

True, but some love them, like us.


2008-11-05 17:05:23

no body likes u!

Grumio responds: