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Woah Who What Where

2010-03-26 13:14:08 by Grumio

I'm not dead.

I've just been too busy to actually work on anything.

Woah Who What Where

It... Is Coming.

2008-12-18 16:27:46 by Grumio

This flash has spiraled into something amazing.

And it is coming.

Probably over winter break.

It...  Is Coming.


2008-11-05 19:04:37 by Grumio

My 100th submission is coming up.

I'll have to make it something... Extra special.


I Love You Guys.

2008-10-06 22:05:28 by Grumio

No matter how many times my latest turd attempt says "FUCK YOU" and other insulting whatnot, I still love all you guys.

(And by "you guys", I mean everyone who can take a joke.)

Oh, and I've got another actual movie brewing.

I Love You Guys.

Damn it Newgrounds!

2008-09-30 16:52:46 by Grumio

How the fuck am I supposed to win another turd, if shit like Vengeance of Deception keeps getting 2.7s??

Damn it Newgrounds!


2008-09-16 16:11:15 by Grumio



No Respect

2008-09-10 21:34:04 by Grumio

Well I never said it was all spam.

Sonic Shorts Volume 6

2008-09-01 22:42:01 by Grumio

Will you fanboy fagots shut the fuck up?

Honestly, if TheWax PM'd me with "Hey Grumio, I understand the joke but could you change the name so I could put up vol. 6 with the right name?" I'd respond with "Sure thing dude, just screwing with the most annoying part of the NG population." in a snap.

Plus it's not like volume 6 is coming out soon anyway. You don't realize how retarded you sound with your broken grammar and spelling.

Oh, and durgz is a joke too, idiots. You're proving my theory that druggies are just as retarded as fanboys.

Also: AIDS.


2008-03-03 15:48:01 by Grumio

I'd like to thank Wade, for finally getting rid of those two flags.

whether he was swamped with work or just read that I had caught on, I'll never know.

But the randoms are coming back. Soon.

Well Folks...

2008-02-19 19:46:28 by Grumio

It appears that the era of Grumio has ended because I am stuck in a flag limbo, and I fear that they will never be cleared.

I have a suspicion that this is Wades way of getting rid of annoying accounts without looking like he's actually going against them... Touche sir, touche.

Anyway, it's been fun. Enjoy the randoms.